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Initial Consultation $165 CAD

Begin your journey with a personalized roadmap tailored to your immigration needs. Discover your options and plan your future in Canada.

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Welcome to your first step towards a new beginning! Please provide us with a brief overview of your immigration goals and any specific questions or concerns you have. This will help us make the most of our initial consultation.
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BOWP or Other Work Permit Extension Applications $230 CAD

Extend your stay in Canada with our expert guidance on Bridging Open Work Permits (BOWP) and other work permit extensions.

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Looking to extend your stay and continue your journey in Canada? Kindly share the details of your current work permit, including the expiry date and the type of work permit you hold (BOWP or other). Let us know if there have been any changes in your employment or personal circumstances since your last application.
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Citizenship Application Review $290 CAD

Take the final step in making Canada your home. Our detailed review ensures your citizenship application is accurate and complete.

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Ready to call Canada your forever home? Please tell us about your residency history, including any significant absences from Canada, and any concerns you might have regarding your eligibility. This information will enable us to provide you with a comprehensive review of your citizenship application.
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Create Your Own Express Entry of BCPNP Profile $230 CAD

Maximize your chances for permanent residency with a customized Express Entry of BCPNP profile, crafted by immigration experts.

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Embarking on the path to permanent residency? Help us understand your background by providing details about your work experience, education, language proficiency, and any connections to Canada (such as family or previous study/work experience). This information will assist us in tailoring your Express Entry of BCPNP profile to highlight your strengths.
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IEC Application Review $195 CAD

Embark on an adventure in Canada with confidence. Get professional assistance for your International Experience Canada (IEC) application review.

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Planning to explore Canada through the International Experience Canada program? Share with us your country of citizenship, the specific IEC category you're interested in (Working Holiday, Young Professionals, or International Co-op), and any previous experiences you've had with the IEC. Let us know if there's any particular aspect of the application process you're concerned about.
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