Meet Niall

Niall moved to Canada from Ireland in 2011, he became a Permanent Resident in Canada in 2015. He is a graduate from the Canadian Immigration Policy and Procedures Program of the University of British Columbia in 2016 and he is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Having personally experienced the immigration process to Canada, Niall offers a shared experience and deep understanding of the process and various emotions felt by those who are starting the process or already going through their own journey to becoming new arrivals to Canada or becoming Permanent Residents or Citizens.

Also a graduate of Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland with an Honours Degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care and 12 years work experience within Social Services Organisations in Ireland, Australia and Canada. Working with at risk youth and vulnerable young adults exiting care systems, experiencing addiction or severe mental health issues to help slowly turn their lives around and is still actively involved working with one of these organisations.

Good planning with communication skills, ethics, professionalism and empathy for every persons unique situation is the core of his work ethic.